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Aii Club Orientation in Aii Siem Reap

Students who participate in the Aii Club have the opportunity to interact with their peers and form close bonds. They develop team-building skills through activities such as group performances and collaboration during school events. Furthermore, the club facilitators will assist…

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Phonetic Challenge in the kid program

English, unlike many other languages, can be difficult for non-native speakers to pronounce. Many of them sound completely different from how they are written. To boost students' confidence in spelling and writing independently, we must encourage phonetic spelling. We began…

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Sensorial Activity

Our Pre-Kid 1 students, with the assistance of their teachers, Mrs. Myra Omictin and Mrs. Sreyorn Pat, assisted our young learners in using the pink tower to develop visual discernment of the three linear dimensions: length, width, and height. The…

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Class and Sub-class Monitor Meeting

Aii Language Center, Siem Reap Campus, hosted a class and sub-class monitor meeting on August 08, 2022. The class and sub-class monitors play a very important role in helping maintain a safe learning environment, quality education, and sharing updated information…

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The Chinese Pinyin competition

The Chinese Pinyin competition aims to promote the student’s foundation in Chinese learning. The activities include memory matching and learning to pronounce the Chinese words correctly while the students enjoy with their learning.

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