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Level 4 Presentation

Presentation helps students to improve their ability to communicate in front of others. The presentation is a great way to facilitate group projects, as well as to facilitate discussion. With the right kind of preparation and design, our students can…

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Architecture Plus Colors

Architecture and urban planning is a specialty that studies the design of various projects such as buildings, houses, bridges, roads, furniture and structural elements. Students can participate in enhancing their knowledge. They also learn how to perceive that architecture is…

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Siem Reap Career Fair 2022

Aii Language Center Siem Reap Campus participates in Siem Reap Career Fair 2022 held at National Polytechnic Institute of Angkor, Siem Reap City, Siem Reap Province, in the presence of Neak Oknha Mengly J. Quach, MD, MPH, Chairman and CEO…

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