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The 3rd Mengly J. Quach Chinese Calligraphy Contest

On September 10, 2022, Aii Language Center conducted the 3rd Mengly J. Quach Chinese Calligraphy Contest at Alex Quach Auditorium, Toul Kork Campus.

Around 220 students participated in the contest. The gruelling championship round showcased the best of the best in Chinese Calligraphy. Three students were declared winners- the Champion, Kimheak Kry, 1st runner-up, Gichsy Oeng and 2nd runner-up, Menghong Chea.

The Chinese Calligraphy Contest aims to help students in writing Chinese words correctly, inspire them join competitions to take on challenges, and enrich their experiences.

Aii Language Center has seven (7) campuses offering Chinese classes to some 900 students.


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