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Fire Drill Evacuation

Aii Language Center, Siem Reap Campus, conducted a workshop on fire drills on March 23, 2023 for our students. This workshop helps prepare our students to familiarize themselves with the sound/ appearance of the alarms, and the procedures necessary to…

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New Teacher Induction

On March 20, 2023, Aii Language Center held a new teacher induction at the school. In attendance were all new teachers accompanied by management team and Mr. President and Vice President of Aii Language Center. The purpose of this meeting…

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New Term Orientation

On March 18, 2023, Aii Language Center finished the new term orientation for Year 19 Term 78. The conference was made more exciting by Mr. Chairman's presence as he highlighted the gathering's vision, mission, and future plans. It was really…

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Chinese soup ingredient

Chinese students at Level 1 and Level 3 of the Aii Language Center Siem Reap Branch went on study tours to "ANGKOR MARKET" to learn about the local populace, the environment, and the ingredients. Chinese soup, spices, meat, fish, seafood,…

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Happy Potluck Day!

Life, like school and work, is a mix of difficult and sad times, as well as happy and joyful moments. At the Aii Language Center, we teach our students not only the skills, but also how to interact with others…

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MJQE is going IPO

As part of the plan to raise capital for setting up new campuses and speed up business development, MJQ Education, one of the leading private education institutions in Cambodia, submitted its application and related documents for an initial public offering…

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