Mar 30, 2024

The 10th Mengly J Quach Pronunciation Contest

The 10th Mengly J Quach Pronunciation Contest at Aii Language Center was a riveting display of English pronunciation mastery among ESL students. Contestants, united by their dedication to language learning, showcased their proficiency with remarkable precision and confidence. Adjudicated by a panel of experts, participants navigated through a series of word challenges, emphasizing the clarity and fluency of their pronunciation. Throughout the competition, an atmosphere of support and encouragement prevailed, with peers and instructors rallying behind each contestant. As rounds unfolded, contestants demonstrated unwavering commitment to refining their pronunciation skills, reinforcing the paramount importance of clear communication in language acquisition. Recognized winners epitomized excellence in pronunciation, amplifying the contest’s role in fostering linguistic proficiency and educational camaraderie within the Aii Language Center community.

A big congratulations to Miss Dyoddomry, Miss Voleakreachany, and Miss Sun Ee for taking home the awards. The top 3 finalists shone the brightest this day and the whole school is so proud of what they have achieved.