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Class and Sub-class Monitor

Aii Language Center, Siem Reap Campus, held a meeting with class and sub-class monitors from each class to summarize and collect data related to the issues in their classrooms. Deputy Campus Director, who was a facilitator, discussed and resolved all…

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Interactive spelling practice

Interactive spelling practice, using our state of the art E-Classroom Creating sentences using the spelling words and then practicing the writing of the words, by identifying the correct word called out and writing it down on a white board and…

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New Student Orientation

Aii Language Center is a leading language center in Cambodia, and always conducts a New Student Orientation session for new students, starting to study languages of English, Chinese and Thai at Aii Language Center. At the beginning of Term 80,…

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Pre-kid Recognition Day

A sincere congratulation to all our pre-kid 04 students on this recognition day at Aii Language Center, Siem Reap campus, celebrated on June 02, 2023. This Pre-kid Recognition Day marks a milestone that our students have completed the Pre-kid Program…

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