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The 1st Aii SR Field Trip

The 1st Aii SR field trip to Angkor Wildlife and Aquarium was a great experience for every student. It provided every student with real-world experiences onsite with all the excitement and fun they grain from various exploration and team-building activities.

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Setting Goals

Setting goals provides one with both long-term and short-term motivation. It concentrates on learning and assisting an individual in organizing time and resources so that he or she may get the most out of their life. It is a way…

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Happy Halloween 2022

Today is Halloween. It was great to see our students dressed up and socializing as they participated in various activities such as the best costume contest, games, and charity events to help our community, especially those in need. We also…

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New Student Orientation

AiiSR New Student Orientation_ Y18T76 & Y18S27 The new student orientation will get the students to know one another, their courses and instructors. It is intended to provide all new students with a sense of belonging, provide them with important…

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Potluck Day

After hard weeks of learning and studying, we soak up some relaxation at our end-of-term potluck day, hosted in the Aii SR. Students bring their favorite dishes, favorite songs and games to keep the spirit going during this school party.…

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