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Events & Contests

We have many major school events which are held annually and see the staff, students and communities of our schools working side by side. Students and teachers take the lead in organizing all school events. All events offer excellent opportunities for students to learn cooperation, teamwork and leadership skills while making memories that will last forever. One of our favorite activities is the Halloween Celebration that includes a Haunted House which is sponsored by our teachers and students. With the help of the staff and the academic team, this event is meant to bring everyone together.

Charity at Run Taek

Using a dictionary

New Student Orientation

Building a house

Level 1 interview

The 15th Culture Day

Fire Drill Evacuation

New Teacher Induction

New Term Orientation

Happy Potluck Day!

MJQE is going IPO

Designing a Dream Park

Christmas Celebration

Setting Goals

Happy Halloween 2022

New Student Orientation

New Term Orientation

Potluck Day

How to Make a Jam Sandwich

Level 4 Presentation

Architecture Plus Colors

Siem Reap Career Fair 2022

Make a Globe Project

Mid autumn festival

Sensorial Activity

Reading Campaign

Physical Education

Mini Book Fair

Green Day

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