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The Aii Language Center, Siem Reap Campus, is a language center with a curriculum based on North American standards. Aii Siem Reap Campus offers a wide range of English and Chinese language programs to meet the varying needs of learners of all ages and levels. We believe in providing quality education for all our students so that they will benefit from an experience that maximizes their educational potential through effective practice and application of foreign language skills.

Siem Reap Campus is located on National Road 6A, Phum Salakanseng, Sangkat Svaydangkum​, Krung Siem Reap, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia. The six-story building stands on a land area of 947.80m2 and was established in July 17, 2022 as Aii Language Center’s seventh campus to meet the demand for convenient and quality education in the middle-to-upper-income region.

1. Lobby Floor

  1. SAO
  2. SOGO
  3. Food Court
  4. Smart Mart
  5. M Coffee
  6. Restroom

2. 2nd Floor

  1. Mengly J. Quach Library
  2. E-classroom
  3. Academic Office
  4. Meeting Room
  5. Restroom
  6. Storage Room

3. 3rd Floor

  1. Classroom SR-301
  2. Classroom SR-302
  3. Classroom SR-303
  4. Classroom SR-304
  5. Classroom SR-305
  6. Classroom SR-306
  7. Playground

4. 4th Floor

  1. Classroom SR-401
  2. Classroom SR-402
  3. Classroom SR-403
  4. Classroom SR-404
  5. Classroom SR-405
  6. Classroom SR-406
  7. Classroom SR-407
  8. Classroom SR-408
  9. Classroom SR-409
  10. Classroom SR-410
  11. Classroom SR-411
  12. Restroom

5. 5th Floor

  1. Classroom SR-501
  2. Classroom SR-502
  3. Classroom SR-503
  4. Classroom SR-504
  5. Classroom SR-505
  6. Classroom SR-506
  7. Classroom SR-507
  8. Classroom SR-508
  9. Classroom SR-509
  10. Founder, Chairman and CEO
  11. Student Lounge
  12. Staff Lounge
  13. Restroom
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