Student Clubs

Student Clubs

A Student Club is a society or an organization, operated by students under the supervision of duly assigned coordinators at Aii Language Center, whose membership typically consists only of students or alumni of Aii.

Aii Debate and Public Speaking Club
Are you a sweet-talker or an inspiring speaker? In this club you have the opportunity to develop your skills and practice among your peers. Members can get together and practice conversation, listen to each other give speeches or even hold mock debates. Who knows – maybe you will become as famous for public speaking as Barack Obama or Steve Jobs?

Aii Reading and Writing Club
If you love to read, aspire to be a journalist or just want to write stories – we have the club for you! Come together and discuss the books you read in class or Harry Potter; write a school newspaper or magazine; or even write short stories or poems – this is the place for all budding authors and avid readers.

Aii Peer to Peer Counseling Club
If you are looking for a venue to be trained and help each other, provide different activities to help each other with critical thinking and confident communication, Aii Peer to Peer Counseling Club is right for you. This also provides a safe space and learning environment for you without fear of judgment, misunderstanding, harassment or abuse. The club offer ways to explore this valuable skill and better understand how it can make a difference in the lives of others and learn how to observe others as a Peer Counselor as you carefully listen and offer constructive, empathic communication while enhancing your own communication skills.

Aii Music Club
If you are looking for a club that foster unity through music listening, practicing and performances then the Aii Music Club is the one right for you. This club provides the knowledge so that they can read music on their own as well as take care of instruments. Form a band that will perform in every school event, join field trips, learn new skills, and perform in school events, share practice tips and gain confidence in performing.